Summer Goals Update Two

A little over a month ago, I wrote an update on my summer goals, which are as follows:

1. Finish the first draft of my Evan story.

2. Edit my Evan story and start drafting a query letter.

3. Train for a half marathon.

Sadly, I am going to have to put a pause on the half marathon, as my plantar fasciitis (which makes it sound like I’m dying… But just means that my foot hurts a lot) is acting up. I am going to keep training, but will have to take things slower than planned, and will try to run a half marathon in the spring.


My editing tools and companion

But I did finish writing my book! And as of last Friday, I finished the eighth draft of said book.

Whew. This month has been crazy. I’ve been working and editing, and…that’s pretty much been it since June.

Sometimes I like to look back on silly, naïve June me, who thought that it would take a week tops to edit my book, and laugh. It ended up taking five weeks, though I’m sure there will be more editing once friends and family read it.

Editing was hard for me, mostly because it meant that I had to focus on the flaws in my work. And there were plenty of flaws. As someone who leans towards type A characteristics, it was hard to stare at everything wrong with my writing, characters, and plot for a few weeks.

But slowly, things started to get better. I was so lucky to have Clare and two of my best friends from college read my story. They helped me see things that I was unable to see about my story, and have given me some incredibly helpful suggestions about the plot and characters.

I was proud of my story when I finished writing it, but I feel much more confident about it now. My story isn’t perfect, my writing isn’t perfect, and my characters aren’t perfect, but I have done the best I can for now and no longer have the ability to see straight. So it’s time to send it to Clare again.

I’m going on vacation for the next two weeks, and am looking forward to reading books written by other people! When I get back from vacation I am also hoping to work on an 9th draft of my book, let friends and family read it and give me their two cents, work on a query letter, and continue to research agents. Hopefully I will send my first query letter out in September!

My plan is to do a big post about my editing process at the end of August, if anyone is interested. My form of editing involves staring at a screen, drinking coffee, arguments with myself Gollum style, and occasionally the fetal position. And I’m only joking about one of those…


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