Back Again: 2013 in Review

Hello, dear readers. This is my first post in such a long time that perhaps I should introduce myself again. My name is Emily, and I am one of the writers on The Side of Wonder. Or, I used to be, before life got crazy and swallowed me whole. But I am back again, and my goal is to post more regularly and give Clare a breather, as she has been ever faithful in posting since I went MIA.

I do have excuses for not posting. They may not be very good ones, but they do exist. I graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in English on December 21st. Since then I have been trying to recover after the craziest semester of my life, and have been working to acclimate to life as a post-grad.

Around New Year’s, Clare wrote an awesome year in review post. I was supposed to write one too, but, well, see the above paragraph. Earlier this week, I turned 22. As I look forward to the next year of my life, I can’t help but look back and think about just how incredibly blessed I have been. So, I suppose you can consider this my Year in Review blog post.

Here are some of my favorite memories from 2013:

1. Visiting Clare in New York City with my mother.

Mum and Me

My mom and me in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

2. Clare and I went to London.


Clare and I got to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral and so many other places in London! Which was so amazing and was also (conveniently) research for my current book.

And Paris.


In front of the Louvre.

And Oxford. Best week of our lives? Oh, yes.


Getting to celebrate Clare’s birthday in The Eagle and Child, Tolkien and Lewis’ favorite pub, was so much fun.

3. I started a blog with my best friend. Perhaps you have heard of it?

Some of my favorite posts from the past year:

A review of Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity, the story of best friends in World War II

Getting to meet Susan Cooper, the author of The Dark is Rising saga

There and Back Again: A Book Lover’s Holiday

Seeing Holly Black, Megan Whalen Turner, Margaret Atwood, and Veronica Roth at the National Book Festival

Why young adult literature is important

Meeting Neil Gaiman

4. I finished writing my first novel, Ithaca.


Finishing a book was a life-long dream that I can now cross off my bucket list.

5. I met a Special Someone.


Thank God, he loves to read too!

6. The Boy took me to New York City as a Christmas present.


The Empire State Building decorated for Christmas

7. I graduated from college.


So glad to be done!

I have had such an incredible year and I am so very blessed. In the coming year, I am looking forward to working part time at a reading and writing center, continuing to work on getting my first book published, and working on writing my second book. And also, dear reader, I will be more regular in my blog posts… I promise.



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