Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

sinbadAs a child of the 90’s, of course I am a Disney fan. I love Disney movies. On the whole, they are the best in animation. However, there are several non-Disney animated movies that I quite enjoy. Thumbelina, for one. Anastasia, for another. And also Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, a Dreamworks film from 2003.

Sinbad is the story of a rogue thief who sails the seven seas stealing treasure so that one day he can retire on a beach in Fiji. And his path to retirement is going swimmingly, until an unsuccessful attempt to steal the Book of Peace (a priceless treasure that protects the world) reunites him with his childhood best friend, the crown prince Proteus. Then, Eris (the goddess of chaos) steals the Book of Peace and frames Sinbad. Convinced Sinbad is innocent, Proteus agrees to take his friend’s place, giving Sinbad three days to steal the Book back from Eris before Proteus is beheaded.



But Sinbad wants to avoid entanglements with his past at any cost and decides to set sail for Fiji. But then he finds a woman on his ship: Marina, Proteus’ fiancé, who stowed away to make sure Sinbad either retrieved the book or came back to die so Proteus wouldn’t have to. And, after an acceptable amount of bribery takes place, Sinbad agrees to go to Tartarus, Eris’ realm, and retrieve the Book of Peace. Many sea faring adventures ensue. Sinbad and Marina have at it like Elizabeth and Darcy. Eris tricks them. But in the end, Sinbad proves a hero, wins back the Book of Peace and Marina’s heart.

It’s a great adventure story for kids, and while there are no songs, it is a very fun movie. I love it because Eris is a fantastic villain and she has the most awesomest floating hair in all of animation. Like, I wish my hair could do that. She is so wickedly cool. Plus, she’s voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer. But Pfeiffer isn’t the only Hollywood heavy hitter in the cast. Brad Pitt voices the humorous Sinbad, and Catherine Zetta-Jones is the spunky Marina.

The animation may seem outdated compared to newer animated films like Tangled or Frozen, but Sinbad is a great movie. It’s a high-seas adventure with humor, romance, compelling themes, and the coolest villain ever. So when you’ve seen every Disney movie a hundred times and you’re looking for something else animated and fun, try Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. You won’t be disappointed.


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