My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding

greekweddingThere are very few chick flicks I can coax my brothers into watching. They’ll sit through Hitch because they love Will Smith, Kevin James is hilarious, and Eva Mendes is hot. They’ll watch 50 First Dates because Adam Sandler is funny. In general, they won’t watch just any chick flick, only the “good” ones—chick flicks that are funny, original, and entertaining for any audience. Chick flicks like My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding came out in 2002, which makes it an older chick flick that younger audiences might not have seen since it’s 12 years old now. But even though it’s older, it is still one of the best.

Toula Portokalos is 30, single, and from a very large, very Greek family. She works in a restaurant her family owns, but everyone expects her to marry a Greek and have a big, loud Greek family. Her family’s plan for her, however, isn’t going as planned. Toula is more interested in taking computer classes at the college and working at her aunt’s travel agency. Love still finds her, though, in the form of local teacher Ian Miller. The attraction is mutual, but there is one major problem: Ian is not Greek. This causes major riots in the Portokalos household, but true love prevails and Toula and Ian get engaged. Now Ian must “Greekify” himself and the entertainment ensues.

Much like other films like Return to Me, My Big Fat Greek Wedding bears the traditional aspects of great chick flicks. It has a large supporting cast full of lively characters. Toula’s family is full of big personalities that clash sharply with Ian’s small and docile family. It also has plenty of clever comical moments. And most importantly, it has a sincere and heartwarming message about family, tradition, and love.

There are plenty of bad, or at least average, chick flicks out there, but there are several that are very good. The kind of chick flicks you watch on a rainy Saturday, after a terrible break up, when you’re drowning your singleness in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of those movies.


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