lovelyphotoThe Kickstarter movement has changed the way films and other artistic projects are produced. This website/organization allows individuals and groups to raise funds among the general populace for creative projects, from professionally produced films to student-produced musicals. I myself have contributed to several Kickstarter projects, like the Veronica Mars movie. I donate money to the artistic endeavors I would really like to see hit the screen or projects that I really believe in. The art collaboration of Lovely was one of the projects I believed in the most.

Lagoon Love by Brittney Lee

Lagoon Love by Brittney Lee

Lovely: Ladies of Animation is an art book/project featuring the personal art of six women artists, all of whom work in animation. These women—Brittney Lee, Claire Keane, Lisa Keene, Lorelay Bove, Victoria Ying, and Helen Chen—spend most of their time working on art for animated films like Wreck It Ralph and Frozen, but Lovely was a chance to showcase their original art. As a die hard fan of animation artists and a firm believer in the importance of art and women in art, I had to support this project. And I’m not the only one who felt that way. Though the Kickstarter goal was only $7,000, the campaign raised over $118,000. Along with the book, Lovely debuted an art exhibit at a gallery in Paris, featuring the original traditional paintings, digital paintings, and paper sculpted art from the collaborative book. Recently, the Center Stage Gallery in Burbank opened a small exhibit, the only American showing of the artwork from the “lovely ladies of animation”.

Celestine by Claire Keane

Celestine by Claire Keane

I was fortunate enough to go to this exhibit. I’d already spent hours pouring over the art in the book, but I was so excited to see the pieces in person, and I was not disappointed. The exhibit is one room, so not very large, but the art is worth it. You can see pastel drawings of 1920’s flappers by Claire Keane, daughter of legendary Disney animator Glen Keane. You can see prints of the digital paintings of Lorelay Bove and the original paper sculptures of Brittney Lee. All of Lisa Keene’s pieces are traditionally painted portraits of various dogs, featuring captivatingly strong brushstrokes. And, befitting the L.A. setting, pictures inspired by classical Hollywood films by Helen Cheng. It was a wonderful little exhibit, and I highly suggest going and supporting this project. Also, buy the book. It’s a great collection.

Elizabeth, Grace, Audrey, and Marilyn by Lorelay Bove

Elizabeth, Grace, Audrey, and Marilyn by Lorelay Bove

Kickstarters are a great way to support art you believe in. The reasons why art is important is for another blog post. Suffice it to say that I adore the work of these six artists. I believe in the work they do for companies like Disney, but I also want to support their art away from the studio. They’ve created some wonderful art, and I can’t wait to see what they all do next. They’ll have my support for any and every Kickstarter!


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