Brooke Fraser

brooke fraserI thought I’d write a blog post about the musical artist Brooke Fraser because I am OBSESSED with her music, particularly her album Flags. One of my friends posted her music video for the song “Something In The Water” on my Facebook and I have not stopped listening to her since.

“Something In The Water” was a very catchy and fun song. It’s lyrical, upbeat, and just a little quirky. It’s very easy to understand why this song was such a successful single. But after I bought the entire album, I realized that Brooke Fraser has so much more to offer the world than one catchy tune.

Besides songs like “Something In The Water” and “Betty”, most of Fraser’s songs are slow, but they are far from boring. Her lyrics are pure poetry, touching on so many relevant feelings and issues, from songs about failing to relationships to love healing past wounds to embracing the ups and downs of life. Fraser’s lyrics are truly messages for a contemporary audience, but without being depressing or angry or hopeless. On the contrary, even her sad songs still ring of hope.

And her music is beautiful. The ballads are some of the most incredible pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Fraser uses a variety of instruments, sounds, and styles to create each song. So even though she’s labeled as a “pop” artist, different songs sound like folks songs, or indie songs, or something not confinable to one genre.

This is definitely an artist where you don’t just buy the single on iTunes. You need to buy the whole album, listen to the whole musical experience. The music transports you, relates to you, serenades you, and encourages you. It’s truly one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. (Since I was previously obsessed with London Grammar’s album If You Wait!)

But seriously, go check it out!


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