About Us

“We need stories like we need food and water: we’re built for narrative, nourished by stories, not just as distractions or diversions or entertainments but because we constitute our world narratively. It is from stories that we receive our ‘character,’ and those stories in turn become part of our background, the horizons within which we constitute our world and engage in action.”

–James K.A. Smith

Emily Bridges and Clare Moore

Emily Bridges and Clare Moore

Welcome! We are two best friends who are built for narrative. From a young age we have both loved to read, to slip between lines of prose into other worlds and other lives for a time. After we became friends in ninth grade, we began to create and write our own stories together. Emily moved across the country seven years ago, but we have continued to keep up through texting and email, and have grown even closer. We are always discussing the stories we are writing, the books we are reading, and the movies we are watching. We hope to use this blog as a platform to share our thoughts about and deep passion for narratives, and we hope to find other story addicts like us!

Follow Emily-

Tumblr: http://emilyabridges.tumblr.com/

About Emily

And Clare-

Tumblr: http://clarelouisemoore.tumblr.com/

Twitter: @claremoore914

About Clare


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